Resetting Netflix SmartHub Account


You know, sometimes you need to do something that should be abvious – like when someone uses their own Netflix account on your TV’s Netflix application.  Not a big deal right – just go into the app and logout, and then sign back in.  Except if you own a Samsung SmartTV and use the Netflix app in the SmartHub, there is no logout.  So how do you then achieve such a feat.  Well, you do the below, which feels more like trying to find a cheat or easter-egg in a video game.  Funny thing is, it works.  

Simply go to the Netflix App where you browse movies, and perform the following on your remote using the directional arrows:

Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up. If can`t be done too quickly or too slowly, so you may need to try it a few times. If done correctly, it should show you a new screen with a Deactivate button. Select it. Then you`ll be able to log back in.

yet another blog site


<Sigh>  Well, it seems I am re-launching my blog site AGAIN.  Not really anyone’s fault, which means it is very much my fault.  This will be my third incarnation of the blog site in a time where 140 characters is really all you need to know about what someone is doing and thinking.  But like before, I’ll use it for my benefit not necessarily yours, but if you see something you like, please comment away.  I am in the process of recreating the site so you’ll see things here and there, which also means things will disappear too.  Right now, this will be my “hello world” post.  So, hello!

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