What will most likley be the last live band I’ll see in Seattle, we checked out GNR with our good friends ST and their son for his birhtday.  Oddly enough, we’ve celebrated the last 3 birthdays with him – Pearl Jam, Metallica, and I am too old to remeber the third.

What a great show… I had forgotten the amount of top ten hits they had and they managed to sprinkle in some good covers too including Live and Let Die and Knocking on Heaven’s Door (of course), Floyd the Wall, ACDC, to name a few.  Axl and co played over 3 hours which was awesome, though completely unexpected, and didn’t fixate on the new album only.  I will definitely miss Seattlefor live bands.  Pics below, and vide of Axl getting his groove on. Oh, and if anyone can explain to me what Axl does when he goes into his back room and then emerges 5-8 seconds later I’d be interested in knowing. If they are hitting your city, don’t want to miss it.