So here is a first for me.  Netflix telling me it can’t play DRM content but wait, I pay for the subscription, and yet I can’t watch videos.  The error tells me to call Netflix for help but here is a quick fix and save some heartache.

Currently Netflix uses SilverLight to stream and play content.  So first thing first, check the SilverLight properties.  In Windows 8, go to the Start Screen and start typing SilverLight.  Click on the logo.  In the SilverLight Configuration goto the Playback tab.


Ensure the “Enable download & update to components required for … “ is checked.  Good idea to check the enable hardware acceleration too.  Next go to the Permissions tab and click delete all.  Ensure the “Enable application storage” is checked.


Go to the Start screen and right-click on the IE logo and select “Run as Administrator”.  Now go to Netflix and launch a video stream.  You should be all set.