Ah, gone are the days of Outlook and Exchange.

Instead, I have Notes.  <no comment>
Here is a quick list of items you need if you ever decide to reinstall Notes, or if you build a new machine and have to get Notes back up and running, or any other number of reasons why you need to get Notes back up.  Might be also good to back these items up regularly so you have them ready to go, just incase there’s a malfunction along the way.  You know, like your system crashes, thunder strikes, or some other unplanned event. Instructions below are for Windows.

These are my steps.  If anyone else has a more seamless process please share, as well if there are other files that are required to make this go smoothly.

1. Install Notes into your new machine/VM or other environment.

2. From your original install, grab the following files from the \data directory (ensure you have exited Notes first before copying):

– your notes ID file – i.e. name.id
– all files that end in .NSF (i.e. names.nsf, bookmark.nsf, perweb.nsf, log.nsf, etc…)
– desktop8.ndk
– your archive folder
– any Domino application folders
– mail2\ folder 

3. Copy the above files into your new Notes\Data location.

4. Start Notes.

5.  Replicate.

6. If you like, take your Notes Mail application offline.  Thus, when you replicate, you have a local copy that you can use incase the network ever decides to drop.

I am gettingt his down to a science now… that a major achievement by any regard.